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You'd like to have a corporate presence on the World Wide Web but don't know where to start.  You have marketing brochures and other promotional items that you use in selling your products or services.  But how do you use what you've got to put together a web site?

We can work with you and your marketing staff to design a web site that compliments your existing literature.  It will present an internet image of your company for your current and potential browsing and surfing customers.

Key Benefits

We'll help select a domain name and select a web site host
Your current literature helps define a "theme" for your web site
Text from you literature can be used in the web pages
We use Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage with all their sophisticated facilities to produce a professional looking web site
We can handle updating your web site with your input or your own staff can take over the updating work
You will own the web page source as well as the tools to support it in-house


You may feel that your existing literature leaves something to be desired.  We don't pretend to be marketing or advertising experts but we can work with your staff or your advisors to help redesign what you have to be a better reflection of what you would like visitors to see on you web site. 

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