November 2021 - North Carolina

Thursday 11/11

Wright Brothers' Memorial

Manteo on Roanoke Island

We got up at 6:15 (my suggestion!) to be able to go out and see the sunrise.

It felt warmer than we expected and a great sunrise.

Pre-sunrise was lighter than I expected.  All these photos were taken before sunrise at 6:30.


Sunrise from the Ramada beach.


We went back into the hotel for their great breakfast buffet - not overblown like some.  Just all the good stuff you want without the frills that get you too stuffed.

It was warm enough to spend time walking on the beach.  I found small black/gray shells to take home as souvenirs.


Starfish burrowing into the sand.  I have no idea what the clear blobs were, but there were lots of them.


That's not a pier.  It's the protective structure around an 18 inch diameter drain.


Our room.  It has a small balcony with chairs.  It would have been nice if we were on the ocean side.  That cost more but if we were to do it again, it would be worth it.


Then we packed and were on the road to the Wright Brothers Memorial for 9:00 opening.

Wright Brothers Memorial

For Veterans' Day, all admissions were free.

We spent a couple hours at the memorial park, walking the flight path and climbing to the memorial.


Since soft sand prohibited launching with conventional wheels, the Wright Flyer was placed on a 60-foot monorail with its landing skids resting on a wheeled truck.  Once the engine started, the Flyer was released and slid down the rail until it had gained enough speed to lift into the air.

This plaque and rock mark the start of the first flights.  You can see the flight distance markers in the center of the photo.


Tassie, one of many canine vistors that day.

The Visitor Center

Next stop, the memorial on top of the dune used in the early glider flights.

It's a bit of a climb, so this photo is a pause to look back at our progress (LOL).  That's the Visitor Center, right rear.  And the flight markers center rear.

The Memorial


View from the Memorial


Sculpture of the photo of the first flight.  Second is taken from the view of the photographer.

After four years of scientific research and rigorous experimentation, and with their 1903 Flyer on the rail, the Wrights are set to fly. In unison, they each pull down on a propeller.  The engine roars to life and the propellers whip through the air; only a restraining wire keeps the flyer in place.  Orville climbs into the machine and positions himself into the hip-cradle.  He releases the restraining wire and the machine slowly moves forward.  Wilbur runs alongside to steady the machine.  After traveling 40 feet down the rail, the flyer lifts into the air, ushering in the Age of Flight.


Interesting tree on the grounds

Note to self: don't take this route to the top; it's very steep!

It was Veterans' Day and this small plane was flying a huge US flag across the area.  Plane is the speck to the left.


Manteo on Roanoke Island

Coming home, we stopped in Manteo (pronounced man-e-o) on Roanoke Island to see the shops.

Leaving the Outer Banks



Leaving Roanoke Island.  Watching the roadside ditches for alligators!

Crossing Croatan Sound on Virginia Dare Memorial Bridge.  Virginia Dare was the first english child born in America, in 1587.


Back in mainland North Carolina on I-64.


And on local roads near home.