November 2021 - North Carolina

Wednesday 11/10

At 8:30 we started driving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Our initial goal was Nags Head.  Along the the way, we decided to make it a two day trip and stay overnight.

We drove I-64 East across Croatan Sound, past Roanoke Island, across Roanoke Sound to the Outer Banks and North on 158 to Nags Head.  The sounds are crossed by long bridges.

These photos are while crossing Croaton Sound onto Roanoke Island.


And this is crossing Roanoke Sound to the Outer Banks.  We stopped on Roanoke Island on the way home.

One of the houses along 158.

We drove North thru Nags Head and KIll Devil Hills to Kitty Hawk.

We got to Kitty Hawk Beach about 11:30.  We walked the beach to the pier but access was for residents only.


The water was cold but not too cold to step into occasionally.  There were warnings signs about the strong undertow so we weren't tempted to go further than ankle-deep.


We practically had the beach to ourselves, other than a few fishermen and folks just enjoying.


At 13:00 we checked in to the Ramada Inn.

It was the off season, so we couldn't find a restaurant.  Most are only open a couple of days each week.  We had Italian subs at PizzaZZ.  We set off to explore about 15:00.

Cape Hatteras

We drove south to the end of Hatteras, stopping along the way at two beaches.  This area is Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  Two sections of Route 12 are long bridges.  We took pictures of the sunset on the way.


In some areas, there are sand dunes on each side of the road.  There were backhoes removing the sand from the shoulders.


In the left photos, the ocean is on the left - the white caps.  In the right photo, Roanoke Sound is on the right.


Every few miles, there's a parking lot and entrance to the beach.  We stopped at two of them.


We pulled off the road to watch the sunset.


Back at the Ramada, we had dinner at their Beachcomber restaurant.  Macadamia crusted Mahi-mahi.