November 2021 - North Carolina

Wednesday 11/03

I got up at 7:30, packed the car and left the hotel at 8:10.  Their idea of light breakfast was yogurt and granola bars.  Gas at BP.

The Odometer read 37587.

I crossed the Ohio River into West virginia on I-35.

Live Map from Gallipolis, OH to Wilson, NC

I had breakfast at Denny's in Wytheville, VA at 11:45.

I got to Shannon's house in Wilson, NC about 16:30.

Her very very friendly dogs:


Liezl (rhymes with diesel), named after one of the girls in Sound of Music

Shia (Shy-a)


We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and biscuits from Bojangles for supper.

Her husband Marc started a new job at Bridgestone on Monday.