Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Death Valley day 2

Heading back into Death Valley from Nevada

Dante's View

Looking down above Badwater Pool (282 feet below sea level) and the floor of Death Valley from 5475 feet above sea level.


20 Mule Team Canyon

It looks like a landscape from another planet.  Another one-way loop road through old borax mining areas.


The Badlands Loop
About 3 rugged miles through hills and Gower Gulch

  The start (down) and the end (up) of the trail.


Last views of Death Valley as we're leaving.


Whitney Portal Road

On our way back to LA, we wanted to find a place called Alabama Hills, where lots of movies have been filmed.  We never found it, but we found Whitney Portal Road, leading up to near Mount Whitney.

                      It started to snow at the waterfall.

And then the road home...