Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Death Valley

Mequite Flat Sand Dunes


Salt Creek Trail

The board walk at the left follows the course of Salt Creek.  The creeks pupfish population has adapted to the arid conditions.  Fast, nimble lizards abound.


Harmony Borax Works
For processing the White Gold of the Desert.


  The white stuff is borax

Furnace Creek
  Restaurant where we had lunch

Artist's Pallet
A one-way loop road takes you through an area with many colors of rocks exposed.


Devil's Golf Course
This white stuff is salt deposits


Natural Bridge
I call it an arch.  The second picture is for scale.


Badwater Pool

It's bad water because of the high salt concentration.

The temperature shown in the car was 91 F.  Average maximum for May is 99.

This area of Death Vally is the lowest point in the US, 282 feet below sea level.  The SEA LEVEL sign in the first photo is almost invisible in the second.

The railings and other metal surfaces are NOT hot to the touch.  A friend suggests that they are powder-coated as an insulator.

We left Death Valley, headed for the Saddle West Hotel and Casino across the state line in Pahrump, Nevada.  We'll be back in the morning.