Monday, May 20, 2019

Sequoia National Forest

The first day of a three day trip.  Just three of us set out on this trip.

  Wells along Oildale Road near Bakersfield

It's very important to know that once you get out of Bakersfield, eastbound, there isn't much of anything.  Gas stations, restaurants, etc.  We didn't know this, so we got pretty low on gas and were in no mood for much picture-taking.  A shame too, because the winding road through the hills was very picturesque.  Lucky for us, a farmer gave us a enough gas to get through the mountains.


The forest is still beautiful but there's been a lot of damage from drought and bugs and mismanagement.

There was new snow through Sherman pass, so that we had to turn around and go back.

We found a place to get food at about 1:00.  We had skipped breakfast to get an early start.

Fed and watered, we enjoyed finding a waterfall and the Kern River, rapids and all.


Then we were on our way to Ridgecrest, our stop for the first night.  On our way to Death Valley.