Thursday - Saturday, May 16-18, 2019

Grand Canyon West

This includes one day travel there, one day at the canyon and one day travel back.

The day started out raining.  As the sun finally showed up, we found we had a slow leak in one tire.  We stopped at Walmart, bought a patch kit; Peter fixed the tire and we went on.


It continued shifting between rain and sun.


  The Colorado River in the distance

  Our motel for both nights, Canyon's End, is not far from the canyon.

  Dinner at the Western Ranch.  The other restaurant in town, burned down on Easter.

  A full moon over the desert.

The next day, we drove into the Hualapai Nation to Grand Canyon West.

After parking near the entrance, you take an air-conditioned bus to the Skywalk and Eagle Point.

  Prong-horn antelope

The Skywalk

Taking photos on the Skywalk is not allowed.  You can pay for a photo package, where a photographer will take photos for you.  But cameras and cell phones are placed in lockers.  We didn't buy the package.

The Skywalk extends in a horseshoe 70 feet out from the building, 4000 feet over the canyon bottom!  Oh yeah!  The floor of the Skywalk is clear!  You can see to the canyon bottom below you!!  There's a high rail on both sides of the walk so really no fears except the ones you bring with you!!

Eagle Point

The Eagle is at the center of the photo with its wings spread.


Guano Point

From Eagle Point and the Skywalk we took the bus to Guano Point.  From 1930 to 1960, guano (bat droppings) were mined for fertilizer.

                  Near the center of the photo, the tan area is the Colorado River through the canyon.

Hualapai Ranch

Before going back to the parking lot, the bus took us to Hualapai Ranch, gift shops, restaurant, lodging, trail horses.


Extra Adventures

We had been told that, if we followed the road past our motel, we would get to Lake Mead.  So we set out and took an amazing ride through the desert.

Taking the road straight, took us to a section of the Colorado River outside the canyon.

Following the road back and making a right turn took us to a boat launching ramp on Lake Mead.


Along the way we saw many strange rock formations.


On the way back to our motel we stopped for beer and snacks at Meadview's only bar.

The third day, we decided to take a different route back to LA, so we could stop at Oatman, AZ

More _________________ scenery!  Fill in the blank; we ran out of adjectives!!!!


Oatman, AZ is visited at meal times by the local "wild" burros.


On the road back to LA: Snow on the mountain tops.  No, we didn't have to go that high to get across.