February-March 2018 - Road Trip

Part 2 - Lincoln Highway - February 26 thru March 4

The second part of our trip follows the Lincoln Highway from Joliet IL West to San Francisco, CA.

Lincoln Highway
Route 30, Joliet, IL to
Route 31, Aurora and St. Charles, IL to
Route 38 West thru Dixon, IL to
Cedar Rapids, IA

Our route picked up at Randall Road and  Lincoln Highway (Route 38).   The  red. white and blue sign on the right is the Lincoln Highway sign we're following.


In Dixon, we found Ronald Reagan's boyhood home and statue.


Also a statue of Abrham Lincoln as a young officer.

In Columbus, Nebraska, we had a great dinner with some new friends we met at a restaurant near our motel.


From Columbus, we drove to Ogallala, Nebraska

We stopped for a phot op in Kearney, Nebraska - halfway from the East end of the Lincoln Highwy to the West end - 1733 miles either way.

Other scenes in Nebraska


This trading post had a display of circus minatures.


Somewhere on the road from Ogallala to Rawlins, Wyoming, we saw a state police car stopped by the road side.  As we approached, the officer told, they were moving cattle ahead.  So we figured that they would be crossing the road from one side to the other.  No, they were moving them along the road.  So we just stopped and let the cattle and cowboys and cowgirls just move past us.


You just do not see that on the interstate!

In Wyoming


Out of Rawlins, Wyoming, we stopped at Enterprise (car rental) to have a chip in our winshield fixed.  Then on to Salt Lake City, Utah.


Once in SLC, we heard that there were snow storms threatened for the mountains heading West into Nevada - our route.  So we cut short our Lincoln Highway trip for another expedition, maybe out of California.

We headed SW towards Las Vegas and home in California.

We spent some time driving thru Bryce Canyon.


From Bryce, we drove to Zion National Park.


But it was getting late and the traffice was heavy, so we just drove thru the our hotel in Hurricane, Utah.  We thought to go back the next day, but traffic and crowds changed our minds.  Another trip.

We took Interstate 15 across the NW corner of Arizona, thru Las Vegas (no stop), into California and back home to Duarte.

The next day, after the long drive, we had snacks in the back yard by the fire pit.

We finished up by going to the LA Arboretum.


A very prickly looking tree



An interesting stage for some presentations.

We finished the trip with dinner at the Pomona Vally Mining Company.