LCS House Projects Photo Album


LCS Home

Front of house, 660 Dean Drive

Back of house

There was no landscaping in the front or back of the house. A perfect blank slate.

Blank slate in side and back yards (2004)

Front Entry Garden (2007 thru 2009)

I've routed all the gutter down spouts under ground so they're out of the way (2007).

Side near back patio (2009)

Back patio terrace extended (2010)

South Side Terrace (2008)

South Side of House 2009 (mostly missing Tiger); 2010: lots of fruit on peach trees (originally planted as flowering almonds; bunnies ate them to the ground; then original roots - peach - sent up new shoots)

Crocus and peonies (2005), ballon flowers and roses (2007)

SW corner of yard from 2004 to 2009

Pathway to Mark's House (2004 to 2009)

Daffodils, daylilies and geraniums in backyard (2005)

Holly and daffodils in front yard (2005)

Anatomy of a new terrace (2007 thru 2009)

South Side Pathway (2009)

Mark removed the basketball hoop on the South side of the driveway in 2008 using the winch on his fire truck.

Late spring 2010; new Allium, Beauty Berry and grasses; second year for Elderberry and My Monet Weigela

New terrace at the Back of the House (2009)

Terrace in spring of 2010; everything came back

New terrace in backyard for new Magnolia and Emerald and Gold Euonymus; dead grass near patio is prep for another planting area (2010)

Trying to decide on new paint color for the trim on windows and doors; probably the tan (2010)

New paint color for front veranda (above door, left is first color choice, right is final color choice)

Neighbor's new fence, Mark's planting bed (2007 to 2009)

One of the original tiny blue spruces from the old house is now (2010) taller than me, about 6 feet.

Very overgrown pathway. Invasive plants and no time to pull and/or kill them. (2011)

Pathway cleared and new planting bed along side. Peach trees gone. (2011)

Lower 8 feet of Mark's blue spruces removed. Lots of space for new plantings. (2011)

Finally time for new gutters - January 2012

Most of the windows were so fogged from condensation that they were virtually opaque.

Both sides - Mark's and mine - got new gutters at the same time. The upper roof has downspouts to lower roof gutter, instead of running onto the roof.

And now time for new windows. - March 2013

Old and New back windows and patio door.

Old and New basement window (3 in all).

Old and New side garage door. Also new clematis trellis made from pruned branches from backyard walnut trees.

New front windows.