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Other Downstairs Stuff

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Stairway before and after

The stairway to the basement was carpeted with white plush with a plastic runner. It was kind of hazardous, so the carpeting went out.

New stair color and rope lighting

New light string added in 2009 for better light

Basket for stuff to go down to office

Exercise machine to replace health club workouts (it's cool downstairs in the summer)

Second Bathroom - this will get re-done one of these days

Second Bathroom area with old washer and dryer removed; starting to remove plywood from floor - 2009

Second Bathroom, all plywood flooring has been removed. Old cabinet, mirror and lights are out. Tub is re-caulked. But shower control is broken. Floor has been scraped, sanded and painted. Wallpaper has been put up. New light, medicine cabinet, pedestal sink and toilet need to be installed. - 2011

Tool Area - this is an unfinished area at the front of the house. It seems like it's at the back of the basement. It was completely empty, so I installed shelves ahd shelf units and I keep tools, project supplies, parts, etc. in here. Soon it needs to have a leak in the foundation patched because any good rain or spring melt bring in water. Also the water softener needs to be removed.

New patch in the Tool Area. No more leaking. Water softener still needs to go. Now that it's dry, the walls and floor may get painted one of these days.