LCS House Projects Photo Album

Work Areas
Area 1
Area 2
Sewing Area

Work Area 1

When I first moved in, the washer and dryer were in the basement, next to a single washtub.  In the same area was/is the second full bathroom.  The furnace/AC and water heater are in the same area next to the stairs.

The floor in the whole area was vinyl tiles on plywood on concrete.  The washer leaked and also didn't work well, so the plywood on the floor was rotted in some places.  For too long, I was using Mark's laundry, next door.  When I got my new washer and dryer, it was time to address this non functional area.

  Old washer and dryer removed; tiles removed

  Plywood removed

I had to use a belt sander to remove most of the adhesive that had been used to glued down the plywood.  I primed the floor then painted it with a sand colored floor paint.  If it gets stained or scratched, I just paint over it!!

  Shelf unit, countertop and wall cabinet added

  Shelf unit and shelves across from counter

  Plastic shelf unit upgrade to steel in 2018

  Shelf unit near washtub

  Also upgrade to steel in 2018

  Original area over washtub

  Updated to pegboard and hooks for painting tools

  New cabinet color and wall color, crates in the corner

  Packing boxes finally removed; new shelves added under stairs

Work Area 2

  Most of the "finished" basement looked like this when I bought the place.  White plush carpet, white walls, dark trim.  Before the move in, I removed the carpet and trim, put in tan-ish glue-down office carpet.

The first few years in this house, I used the basement as my office for my computer business.


Once flat screen monitors were cheap enough, I could move my office upstairs.  The flat screen fit on my antique desk, where an old monitor would not.  I could then change my work tables in the basement into project work areas.

  I added lights over one table

  Painted the tables to better go with the new wall colors



The tables get used for lots of different projects: gun cleaning, picture framing, making drawers for the vanity upstairs, repairing speakers, cutting fabric, sorting nuts and bolts, and on and on.

I took advantage of the COVID-19 shelter in place rule, and spent my time cleaning up my work areas enough so I could take these photos and put this page together.

  On the wall under the light in the above left photo

Sewing Area

  How the sewing area started out

  New basement windows

      New paint and upholstery




When I moved here it became too far to drive to my old fitness center.  So I bought this exercise machine to replace health club workouts.  It's cool downstairs in the summer.

I had the twin bed in the dining room while I recovered after my hip replacement.  Now it's downstairs for when it's too hot upstairs.  If the animals will let me use it!!!