LCS House Projects Photo Album

Tool Area

This is an unfinished area in the basement at the front of the house. It seems like it's at the back of the basement. It was completely empty, so I planned to use it to store tools, project supplies, parts, etc.  It needed to have a leak in the foundation patched because any good rain or spring melt brought in water. Also the water softener had to be removed.

  New patch in the Tool Area. No more leaking. Water softener still needs to go. Now that it's dry, the walls and floor may get painted one of these days.

  Somewhat organized but still looks like a dungeon.

  The start a of civilizing process.  Leak in wall is sealed.

      Walls and floor painted

  I added extra shelves to storage units for easier access.

      And then OCD really kicked in.

  New steel shelving that doesn't sag like the plastic ones. (2018)