LCS House Projects Photo Album

Second Bathroom

      Second Bathroom (in basement) - original; floor was vinyl tile glued to plywood over concrete floor; some plywood was rotted from moisture from washer close by

      Old vanity and mirror/cabinet removed; flooring removed; toilet removed temporarily (2011)

  An attempt at wallpaper - it was cheap (tore easily) and ugly - and now gone

  Starting floor cleanup and paint (2011)

I removed the dropped ceiling - the ceiling tiles were broken and sagging.

The cartridge for the tub control wasn't working.  In trying to replace it, I had to cut open the plastic "tile" wall.  Since that had to be replaced, I just removed the plastic shower walls and the wall between the tub and the sink.


I tried building a pony wall at the end of the tub, but it wasn't really stable.  So I rebuilt it with a 4x4 attached to the ceiling joist.

              The pony wall has tile on the tub side and beadboard on the other.

The back wall of the tub/shower has cement board, but the plumbing wall in waiting for work.  When the plumbing is done, I'll tile the two walls, add a shelf top to the pony wall and install an "L" shaped shower curtain rod.

      The sink area is done.

      The toilet needs a water hookup.  The window is finished.