LCS House Projects Photo Album

Kitchen - recent 2010, 2013, 2019


  Original cabinets out for garbage pickup

The cabinets were so icky (scratched and dirty) that I spent New Year's Day 2004 ripping them out. Then spent months patching, painting, laying laminate tile flooring, assembling and installing new IKEA cabinets, new counter top and sink.

  New paint color

      New laminate flooring

              New cabinets from IKEA

      Cabinet hardware, pantry

  New counter and sink

  New basket drawers in most lower cabinets

  New shelf over window with cookie jars (window is at the front of the house)

      Lights and shelf over sink, then white tile

  Ceiling fan replaced old fluorescent light.  It has a half inch clearance on each side when cabinet doors are open!

  Tiger, kitchen helper


  Modified cabinet from idea in Family Handyman; added basket drawers and tray racks (three years in planning, 4 hours in doing). 2010


  New color for my kitchen. Everything else stays the same. Except for new window and new blinds.

      New wine glass holders and wine corner. 2013


  Old appliances on the way out

  New range with added stainless shelf on top

  New dishwasher

  New ceiling fixture replacing fan (was spattering oil/grease on cabinets) 2019