LCS House Projects Photo Album


    Orig 2    Orig 3  Original cabinet, counter, mirror and tile

Orig 4    Orig 5  Cabinet painted

          First pass in re-doing: paint, new lights, new mirror, cleaned shower - "Lipstick on a Pig"

Almost from the day I moved in I wanted to remove the stupid wall/doorway dividing the vanity from the toilet and tub. It only made a small bathroom even smaller. It's taken a long time but it's almost finished. (11/2008).

  Demolition to remove the inside wall in the bathroom

      Wall is between sink area and toilet/tub

  New paint color; wall mostly gone (2007)

      Old vanity gone; new tile in (2008)

  New vanity started

      Patching ceiling and zig-zag in wall with faux beam and pillars

  More of new vanity and new vanity top (19" deep instead of 23")

  Vanity is mostly done, except a few drawers and doors.

And now for the shower:

Shower base, shower doors, tile, exhaust fan, etc. were purchased at work (Lowes) in May of 2011. But remodeling didn't get started til November.

Yes, I am doing this myself. Mark helped with the new wiring for the fan, and did the plumbing. But I've done all the demo and installation.

      Demo: soffit removed, fiberglas tub and shower surround removed. Very, very dusty!

      Old plumbing; start of new plumbing with shut off valves - what a concept.  Access panel in sitting room next door.

              Old exhaust fan removed; new fan installed. 2012

  New ceiling installed over shower in place of soffit. (Spots on photo are flash reflections off dust in the air.) 2012

      Braces in wall for shower caddy, shower plumbing, braces for one side of shower doors.

  Shower base installed (tape to mark studs).

      Shower walls with cement backer board in process and complete. (I cut the boards into smaller sections so I could carry and handle them easier.)

              Cement board seams are sealed and tiling has begun. 3" x 6" white subway tiles are installed vertically. Multiple shades of aqua glass tiles are installed as "water" running down the walls.

      Tiles grouted; grab bar installed.

      Shower doors are installed and shower is ready for use, July, 2012.

   Wall across from vanity near door