January 2015 - Hearst Castle

San Simeon, CA

Seal Beach

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  A stop at Solvang, a Danish tourist town

      The grounds and beach at the San Simeon Best Western

          Some interior rooms

   The dining room - notice the ketchup and mustard bottles.  Hearst always insisted they would on the dining table.

  The main entrance to the castle - Casa Grande

The three Guest Cottages
      Casa del Mar - front and rear

  Casa del Monte

  Casa del Sol

        Terraces and views

      The Neptune Pool

  The indoor Roman Pool

  The bell tower

Elephant Seal Beach - three miles North of the Castle along the coast

The elephant seals come here in January to have their pups and mate for next year.

  Bachelor quarters

  Family quarters (harems)

  Two quarreling bachelors