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2011 Snow Storm - the day after (2/2/2011)

LCS Home

When I opened my front door Wednesday morning at 8:15 to see if I could get out to get to work, I found it was blocked by a 3 foot drift of snow and would not budge. I got out thru the garage door - only blocked by a 2 foot drift. But it opens up not out.

This is my little polar bear buddy. He doesn't usually get any snow on him at all, sitting by the front door.

The drift between my house and Mark's is about 3.5 feet high.

The drift across the path between our houses was from 3 feet on my side to about a foot on his side, sheltered somewhat by the huge blue spruce.

The huge blue spruce. It created some interesting drift areas.

My car in the driveway. I had not cleared it off since getting home Tuesday evening. there is hardly any snow on it, but there are drifts on both sides and in front and back.

The drift to the North of my car.

This is the South side of my house. Yes, that is a huge drift. Those trees are about 5 - 6 feet tall.