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You need manuals for your products or your in-house equipment.

The documentation is always the last thing to get done and maybe not even then.

We'll create help files, manuals, and/or tutorials from your information or your existing text files.

Key Benefits

Your Word or Word Perfect files or text files can become Help files

Help files can generate printed manuals
Tutorial Help files are useful training aids
Network-wide Help files are instantly updated and available to all

Sample 1 - Introduction

Sample 2 - SBS Help


Maybe you've got technical documentation but it's not in a presentable form.  We can import your text into RoboHelp (a Help file writing tool) and generate knock-out documentation just like the big guys have.  With hot keys to topics, contents and index pages, search functions, graphics, etc.

If the technical folks and the clerical folks just can't get together to make useable documentation, we can work with both sides to get the original text ready for the trip into RoboHelp.

If you need training documentation, we can set that up in RoboHelp as well, as self-paced tutorials.

As Help and/or Tutorials are updated, they are instantly available to all users.  No need to print a copy for each person or office and send them out.

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